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3 Steps to Prepare for your Personal Brand Photo Session

3 Steps to Prepare for your Personal Brand Photo Session


Rest Up &


The night before the shoot get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water so your skin looks fabulous and fresh! Schedule your “LNO” after your session to celebrate not the night before!

Fun &


Have fun with your session! This is all about you and  your brand so enjoy yourself.  Be silly, natural, loud, share all your stories…be your authentic YOU.

Props &


Tell all your stories as creatively as you can and don’t be afraid to use props to share your process.




Here are a few prop ideas…make sure you include them on your Pinterest Session Idea Board.

Solopreneur/Coach – phone, computer, planner, pen, favorite mug, calender, headphones.

Artist – brushes, paints, recent work, easel, paper, pencils, clay, art books, inspiration.

Interior Designer – Mood board, swatches, computer, ipad, phone, pen, pad, planner, fav mug.

Writer – Books, pad & paper, post it notes, journal, typewriter, chair, computer, fav mug.

Graphic Designer – computer, inspiration board, computer pen & tablet, planner.

Musicians – Instrument, pad & pen, chair, blanket, tuning instrument, instrument case.

Realtor – listing contracts, for sale sign, clients, ipad, computer, champagne glass & client gift.



Remember to include people as your props they can help tell your stories more clearly!

Finally, don’t forget to include your hobbies…
Hobbies – your favs…books, instruments, art, garden, recipe, exercise, bike, game, decorating, antiques, boating, wood working, pottery, jewelry making…whatever you enjoy.

Chef –  Bowls, recipes, knives, cutting board, pad, pen, spatula, apron, hat.

Yoga Instructer – Yoga mat, blocks, books, towel, water bottle, tea cup.

Jewelry Designers – Tools, safety gear, loose jewels & clasps, organizers, inspiration boards.

Chiropractor – Skeleton, diagram, table, pad & paper, computer, exercise ball, straps, fav mug.