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My Story

Hi, I’m Lesley, a nomad with a camera. My home base is Chicago but my work takes me everywhere. I have always loved photography. When I graduated from college, my father offered me the choice of a business wardrobe or a 35mm camera. I chose the camera and I never looked back. I have decades of experience photographing children, women, products, and interiors. I have accumulated so many prints and negatives in my house that I had to hire a Marie Kondo whiz to get it all under control. 

I believe women are the future: in politics, in business, and in art. I have raised three strong daughters and surround myself with smart and soulful women. I celebrate diversity and I’m committed to being an active listener and an anti-racist. I put my wallet, my energy, and my vote in positions to protect black lives and amplify the voices of women and people of color. 

Art is my religion. I will drive all night to arrive at the beach when the light is just right. I often recognize a client’s unique genius before they do and when my clients see their beauty through my eyes, there are often tears. It’s a gift to be truly seen.