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Me First in 2023

Me First in 2023!

Dear Beautiful Reflecting Woman,

I’ll be honest, I lost myself this year and no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t find my footing both literally and figuratively.

If you follow me you probably know this already…my last email was from my birthday July 28th and my social media posts have been non existent.

Moving back to Illinois last February and in with my partner proved to be exciting as well as challenging. As much as it was a wonderful open hearted decision combining our lives together, the move and adjustment caused much distraction from my own wants and needs both personally and in my business.

We had a lot of fun creating a collaborative household full the objects we loved while enjoying time together but it took the year to complete because of construction and family matters.

During this time I made the mistake of returning to an old pattern of mine…putting everyone else needs before mine.

I stopped taking care of me in all the ways I needed.

No one asked me to do this by the way, it was just my fucked up perception of my place how I felt needing to “pay for’ the space I was taking up in ways that served others and not myself and it set me back in many ways.

I lost the trajectory I had created in Denver with my 55 Women Project and focused on trying to “make money” by helping others with their businesses and personally by taking on tasks that I thought would help us as a family.

The good news is that I’ve recognized my pattern and I’m breaking it starting today first and foremost by literally putting my best foot forward and going for a walk this morning to clear my head…a morning practice that I let slip away last year. 

I am also breaking the blocked damn by writing and sending this letter to you.

I am committing 2023 to ME. To all the desires and uncompleted projects from 2022 as well as new dreams for 2023 such as…

Finishing my 55 Women Project

Launching my Podcast

Speaking to Groups

Traveling to Photograph amazing women I haven’t met yet and share them with the world

Taking creative classes just for fun

A trip to London

Just to name a few.

I hope you give yourself the gift of time for reflection over the past year so that you recognize any patterns keeping you from the life you desire.

Please don’t stand in your own way in 2023 we need all the amazing you bring to the world.

If no one has told you today…You Are Beautiful!

Love + Light 


Written by Lesley Whitehead

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