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Calling All Radiant Redheads!

Calling All Radiant Redheads!

Dear Beautiful Redheaded Woman,

Want to play in the snow before it’s gone? It finally snowed here in the Chicagoland area and I got to play all weekend with some Radiant Redheads!

l knew the winter was going to be difficult after being in Denver last year so I wanted to embrace the winter by combining my love for redheads with the snow.

Introducing my Radiant Redhead Project!

If you are a redhead or know any redheads of any


This is a just for fun project…No Charge!
15 minute headshot
Photographed in the snow
For Women/Girls All Ages
Must be a Redhead by nature or choice 🙂

Email: [email protected]

Phone/Text: 630.302.0720

If you are a redhead or know any redheads of any ages please pass the details along.

If no one has told you today…You Are Beautiful!

Love + Light 



Good for your HEART

Good for your SOUL


Okay one of my fav daughters (they’re all my favorites:)  gifted me this book at Christmas and I cannot recommend it enough.

Let’s face it Viola Davis is Queen Badass herself! When Viola takes on a role you forget that’s it’s her and get captivated by her portrayal. I think I’ve seen her in almost everything she’s done. Most recently, The Woman King where she was a total badass Agojie leader. Based on a true story about an All female warrior fighting unit protecting the African Kingdom of Dahomey.

Her memoir Finding Me is honest, brutal and beautiful description about how she rose and is still rising like a phoenix from the trauma of past. She came from a place of extremes most of us will never experience; alcoholism, poverty, physical and sexual abuse racism, colorism and much more.

She created a life that didn’t look possible when she was growing up…Queen Badass!

Written by Lesley Whitehead

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