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3 Steps to Prepare for your Personal Brand Photo Session

STEP 2 Rest Up & Hydrate The night before the shoot get plenty of sleep and drink lots of water so your skin looks fabulous and fresh! Schedule your "LNO" after your session to celebrate not the night before! STEP 2 Fun & Free Have fun with your session! This...

Dear Beautiful Procrastinator

Dear Beautiful Procrastinator, Relax, I am your fearless leader and I'm here to help both of us. One of my favorite memes is... Five Ways to Stop Procrastinating                                                              1. It's funny but it's not because it's where...

Celebrating the New Me!

Dear Beautifully Named Woman, What’s in a name? Apparently a lot. It took me a few hundred dollars and a court hearing to get mine back. Drum Roll please...I am legally Lesley Bowling Whitehead again just like it states on my birth certificate that’s right Bowling is...

What do you want to manifest this week?

5 DAYS Hey Beautiful Is there something you desire but don't know how to make it happen? Want to stop wishing and make it real? Denise is one of my favorite mentors so I just had to share this opportunity and the best part is it's FREE! She just launched a FREE 5 Day...


I’m Lesley

Hi Beautiful!

I’m a photographer + brand expert who specializes in creating beautiful images of  female entrepreneurs that connect you to your ideal client and inspire them to work with you.

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